Start-Up Plus


The Start-Up Plus service is a free of charge expert service for start-up grant customers who have just started their own business.

Choose NewCo Helsinki as your Start-Up Plus service provider once the Startup Grant has been granted, and you will have an opportunity to win NewCo Helsinki's “Company of the Month” award. We will provide visibility for the Company of the Month through our communication channels by

  • Adding a short (max. 3 min) introduction video clip by your company on our website.
  • Bloq post (max. 2000 characters) about your company on our website.
  • Promote your product/service via our Social Media channels (one post / So-Me channel).

Our StartUp-Plus service offers you personalized and specialized advice free of charge, even after you have started your business operations.

We offer guidance and advice for

  • Marketing Plan
  • How to utilize social media
  • How to generate growth in sales

More info about applying for startup grant

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