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We are looking for a sales and marketing executive who will be tasked with building our IT sales through identifying opportunities, selling prospects and developing relationships with potential clients on a permanent basis

This role requires both technical and communicative skills: In addition to developing our user interface, you will meet weekly with our product team, where development priorities will be collaboratively established. As a veteran of your field, your input will be highly valued in these meetings, and you will have the support to design and implement the interfaces that best meet our company’s needs.

As a local brand ambassador andsocial media manager, you will lead Faraday’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, andYouTube communication efforts, maintaining and updating those channels as wellas the company’s Finnish blog to grow the likes, reach, and sales generation ofour public pages. The champion of our Finnish communication efforts, you willlead content creation, localization, and search engine optimization to ensureour efforts in Finland are a success. Representing the company to thecustomers, you will shape the local voice of our brand and direct customerinteraction via our social media channels, email, telephone, and at relevantevents. To the online world, you will be Faraday personified. It’s an engagingopportunity, and we’re looking for the right person to fill this role.

We are looking for an experienced developer with a strong background in both front-end and backend JavaScript development. You will help take our service to the next level using a modern stack, with technologies such as Node, js, ES6, Express, React, MongoDB and more.

Your task is to contribute to Page Developments' patent application. You will be one of 5 people working to bring this to a success. You will be provided with information to use in the write-up. Your task is to carve out the right "scientific terms and phrases", as well as drawings for the chosen project.

We are looking for new multidisciplinary skillsperson in field of sales and launching new products to the market, mainly inFinland with potential to design new clients abroad too. It should have experiences in marketing orsales and speak fluent Finnish, English. It should be familiar with startupsenvironment and have a mindset of pushing digital agency to finest with profit.Open minded and can solve problems when developing startups and ready to workas partner.

Deadline: December 2016 or June 2017

We are currently seeking a passionate and outgoing individual who has a fundamental knowledge of marketing to join us as a BDR partner. The perfect fit will be someone who speaks Finnish fluently, has at least some experience in sales and can understand the processes for successfully create ongoing bonds with customers.

At DD, creativity is a requirement, not a job title. Your definition of fun should be interaction and communication PR, eager to work with start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations. If you want to make a dent in the universe, DD will give you the hammer.

Along with a resume and cover letter, please send along any related content you think sells you as a BDR. Be creative!

WordNerd’s mission is to help small game companies fight the enemy of inefficiency who keeps on attacking with his armies of context problems and last-minute changes. Technology is our weapon and quality our core skill.

Pick&Try is a web solution, which offers to targeted customer segments product samples to gather valuable information for product development, selling the product and learning about market.

We are looking for an intern to prepare us to ISO 13485. Additional tasks would be in order fulfillment and some IT-related tasks, possibly depending on the skill set.

Grib aims to make 3D modeling at ease. They are looking for Unity3D coders.

Hakema is looking for a Tech & Design person to convert ideas to project. Check out their website for more information about business.

Trinnect Ltd. is looking for a System designer and a Management Co-founder. Compensation model: equity and salary.

As CTO, you are going to steer our R&D, leading a multi-talented and international team of experts: 8 people from 4 continents, with backgrounds ranging from engineering to design to data science. You probably guessed it by now, English is our company language.

CTO / Co-Founder

The employment marketwill be revolutionized in the coming years, be it through automatisation orartificial intelligence, the way we work will never be the same again. We needto ensure our society will be ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunitiesthrough new tools and correct state of mind.

We are driven to makepeople prepared for the change in the market. However, we arestill in the planning phase with the platform and that’s why we arelooking for a CTO / Co-Founder to join us and lead the development of theplatform. Ideally we would be looking at a full-stack JavaScript developer withReact.js / Node.js skills. is a relatively newly established company with international ambitions. Our goal

is to promote digitization of the society by providing a platform where buyers and sellers of

software and SaaS meet. There are currently about 5,000 software solutions to be found

easily on swipx platform with just a few clicks. Many buyers have already found suitable

software solutions through

For the establishment of our subsidiary in Finland, we are now looking for an energetic,

experienced and enthusiastic colleague. You like challenges, and are not afraid of making

contacts with software entrepreneurs and their clients. You will build sales operations in

Finland and together with our global team strengthen swipx position as a leading digital

platform in Europe.

As the Country Manager, your work is mainly making sales. But you will also lead our

operations in Finland and work closely with Finnish software entrepreneurs. In addition,

you will meet people who are software buyers or those who influence the buying decision of

software solutions in their organizations. You will participate in business development of

the swipx digital platform and work in collaboration with our international team as well as

with our swipx sales assistants in Finland.

We hope that you are results-oriented and you have sales experience with proven

track/performance record as well as consultative selling abilities. You display enthusiasm in

building new things and businesses. You understand the principles of digital business well

and you are able to work as a trusted advisor to our customers. You will be responsible for

leading swipx Oy and for meeting our performance target.

We offer you interesting and challenging tasks in an exciting and international start-up

company. is a unique digital platform, which has been trusted by thousands of

software entrepreneurs and buyers. You will have support from our international and

experienced professionals in IT industry.

Are you interested in this position?

Please send your application and CV no later than 15.03.2017 to Svend Erik Kundby-Nielsen, CEO at or to Anh Le, Business Developer, Finland at For more information, you can also contact advisor to the board Ari Rahkonen , tel +358407543966.

Internship opportunities are also available

We built an app ( that uses machine learning to identify hidden factors that worsen or improve chronic conditions. We're looking for part-time or full-time remote co-founders with experience in design, development, marketing, or finance who are also interested in reducing suffering using data.

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