Business Advisory

Our Establishing Services will help you get started. We offer confidential business advisory for setting up a company and starting companies.

Over 20 000 companies established via our services, of which 80% are still operating after 5 years.

Confidential business advisory since 1992.

Receive business advisory from our professional and experienced business advisors. Benefit from our international know- how and language offering. During the advisory sessions you will receive 1-on-1 counselling with a focus of your business plan specific matters.

Book your business advisory session

If you’re planning on establishing a company, always start by going to Starting a company info. After the info, write a preliminary business plan and do the calculations.

You can get a business advisory session for a shorter period of 45 minutes without a business plan. You can get a wider business advisory session of 1.5 hours only by providing your business plan.

If you want to send your business plan confidentially via a secure e-mail, send a request to For the secure e-mail, we will need your phone number. You will get a text message with a PIN code that you can use to open the confidential e-mail. Attach your business plan to the reply e-mail so we will receive it secured. (The connection is protected with TLS encryption. Due to security reasons reading of the message is limited and can be read for 30 days at most.)

To book a session you can fill in this form. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible.

Training- and info events

Get guidance along your journey towards entrepreneurship. Establishing Services Events are designed to support your business success, offering info sessions, training, and networking. Learn more about Establishing Service Events here.

You can find useful links for establishing a company here.

Check list when establishing a company

  • Participate in Starting a Company Info and download the Becoming and Entrepreneur Guide

    Participate in Starting a Company Info and download the Becoming and Entrepreneur Guide

    NewCo Helsinki offers weekly Starting a Business Info events. Providing useful information on how to establish a company and how our services can help your company.

  • Prepare your business plan

    Prepare your business plan

    In a business plan, you will clarify what your company sells, to whom and how. In addition, include calculations for preliminary sales and funding to your plan. Business plan will work as a basis for the business advisory.

  • Book business advisory

    Book business advisory

    Your personal business advisor will support you in developing your business idea and business plan. If/when needed we will guide you to our network for i.e. industry specific questions.

  • Collect required documents and seek investment

    Collect required documents and seek investment

    When establishing a company you may need a number of different documents. You can only apply for Startup Grant before establishing a company. Learn about funding possibilities i.e. banks, Finnvera, crowdfunding schemes, and internal financing.

  • Establish your company

    Establish your company

    1. Register in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office ( and 2. Register for entrepreneurs’ pension insurance policy (YEL) 3. Transfer from an employees’s unemployment fund to the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs within 1 month 4. Register for Prepayment of tax and VAT

  • Start your business

    Start your business

    Schedule a follow up business advisory session if/when needed. At NewCo Helsinki, we offer various trainings and workshops for starting business entrepreneurs.