Health Talks: Business Finland Funding Types for Health Startups

12:00 - 13:00
Haartmaninkatu 4
00290 Helsinki
NewCo Helsinki / A Grid / Health Capital Helsinki / Terkko Health Hub / Upgraded

This event will cover different funding types offered by Business Finland for entrepreneurial and research purposes.

Welcome to next event from the Health Talks series – health, life sciences and entrepreneurship talks organized by Aalto University Health Capital Helsinki, NewCo HelsinkiTerkko Health Hub and Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland.

Needless to say how important funding is to startups and development of an innovative project. Our guest speaker Tuomas Harju, Senior Adviser at Business Finland will tell us all about the various funding types by Business Finland offered for entrepreneurial and research purposes.

Funding types to be covered:
• Innovation voucher
• Explorer
• Tempo
• R&D funding
• Young Innovative Companies funding
• Travel funding

Other services: Business Finland programs, Digital services, etc.

Structure of the talk:
• BF in general
• Funding criteria
• Funding instruments
• Application process
• Other services by BF
• Q&A