Health Talks: International Regulations

16:00 - 18:00
Haartmaninkatu 4
00290 Helsinki
NewCo Helsinki / A Grid / Health Capital Helsinki / Terkko Health Hub / Upgraded

Finland is one of the leading countries in health tech innovations and the number of startups aiming to get their products to international markets is increasing. The restricting factor in the marketing process are the ever so complex regulations monitoring health tech markets. To help with the regulatory matters, we are gathering together multiple professionals in the field.

During the next Health Talks event, experts will tell about their views and skills regarding strategies how to get Finnish health tech products into the markets in- and outside Europe. Regulations regarding the international markets will be processed in a panel discussion, where audience has the possibility to call for answers to their burning questions.

Whether you are a startup deputy struggling with regulatory matters or just interested in how Finnish health tech products are internationalized, you are welcome to join this Health Talk. Speakers on the stage are experts from Lean Entries, Clinipower, Clinius, GE, Kasve and Planmed.