Health Talks: The National Social and Healthcare System Reform

12:00 - 13:00

NewCo Helsinki / A Grid / Health Capital Helsinki / Terkko Health Hub / Upgraded

Welcome to the next event of Health Talks arranged by Aalto University Health Platform and Health powered by A Grid, in co-operation with Health Capital Helsinki, NewCo HelsinkiTerkko Health Hub and Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland.

Venue: Aalto Health Technology House Co-working Space, Otakaari 3,

We are again bringing top-tier experts to talk, now in collaboration with Aalto’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture (HEMA). The speakers will discuss a subject highly topical on that day, when the candidate for prime minister has likely announced the parties of the sought governmental coalition:

Prof. Paul Lillrank: ”On the ruins of the national social and healthcare system reform: A patient-centric solution as the Phoenix bird”
HEMA, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM), Aalto University

Prof. Emer. Martti Kekomäki: ”Future of the national social and healthcare system after the Parliamentary elections”
Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki

Representatives of Aalto’s health & wellbeing professors and research community, Aalto Corporate Relations, Aalto’s A Grid startup community, and Aalto Innovation Services will be present at the lunch. After the presentations, please feel free to use the opportunity to ask questions and network with colleagues and Aalto’s people.