Helsinki Startup Day

10:00 - 16:00
Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13

NewCo Helsinki presents: the second ever Helsinki Startup Day!

Meet startups, scaleups, investors and other ecosystem operators from the New Nordics! We are including key players from the Baltics and Nordics, and showcase Helsinki as the hotspot for companies and fields of technology.

Helsinki Startup Day consists of keynotes, company pitches, workshops, coordinated networking and ecosystem introductions. The focus for this year is the GAMING field and HEALTH, WELLNESS & FUNCTIONAL FOOD sector, introducing the selected innovative and robust operators from the New Nordics and sharing contemporary findings from latest researches of startups and scaleups.

For succesful matchmaking, we are using the Brella app. You will receive the Brella code after registering for the event.

All content is in English and free of charge for all attendees!

Registering for the event before 27.5.2019, 6 PM will get you a printed name badge with your name, the name of your company / organization and your ticket type (“company”, “investor” etc.) on it. Registering later will get you a handwritten one.


Agenda & timetable:

10:00              Opening words by City of Helsinki

10:15-12:00    Meet the World’s Happiest Ecosystem with Friends from the New Nordics!

12:00-13:45    Hungry for Being Well? A closer look at health tech and functional food markets. In collaboration  with Terkko Health Hub, Upgraded, A Grid Health and Health Capital Helsinki.

Speakers: Health Capital Helsinki, Upgraded, Terkko Accelerator, A Grid Health, UN Health, Helsinki Health Incubator, crEATe ecosystem (Fazer/IBM/VTT), EIT Food FAN, Ajatusharppaamo, H2 Health Hub STO, Accelerace DK and Kasvu Open

13:45-15:30    Level Up! Game industry success stories from today and tomorrow. In collaboration with Neogames and IGDA Finland.

Speakers: Neogames, IGDA Finland, Games Factory and Farm League, Women in Games Finland, Dataspelsbranschen and Baltic Games Industry

15:30-16:00    Helsinki Startup Ecosystem Hero Award


There are workshops in the event for companies and investors. There is a limited capacity to each workshop, so be quick if you want to participate! 

12:00-12:45   Business Angels Help You Through the Valley of Death by FiBAN

13:00-13:45   Why and How to Invest in Game Teams by Sisu Game Ventures

14:00-14:45   How to Approach Different Health Stakeholders by Upgraded

15:00-15:45   Conquering the World from Small Estonia by Startup Estonia

More workshops will be released closer to the event. 

The first three workshops are currently fully-booked (as of 27.5.2019). The fourth workshop was added on 27.5.2019.

Workshop Descriptions:

Business Angels Help You Through the Valley of Death
Before a startup starts making enough money to be sustainable, it is walking in the Valley of Death. It is burning money as it’s struggling to find a sustainable business model and build scalable operations. During those first years, their best friend is a group of business angels that also believe in the entrepreneurs before anyone else does and are willing to share their risks. What does a business angel need to see and hear to believe in you? Exactly how can they support you as an entrepreneur?

Why and How to Invest in Game Teams
Why to invest in games? Nordics are known for great success in tech industry and game development. Some of the most successful companies belong to gaming industry, which is growing bigger and faster each year. Investors from various fields are discovering the full potential of gaming companies and growing investment opportunities. Come hear more why and how to invest in game teams!

Health Talks:How to Approach Different Health Stakeholders 
Most startups know how to pitch to the investors. But do you know what to consider when approaching other important stakeholders, such as researchers, hospitals or media? In this workshop you will learn from the stakeholders themselves what are the do’s and don’ts when presenting your solution and how to grasp their attention and succeed in the health industry!

Startup Estonia: Conquering the World from Small Estonia – What’s It Like? (NEW)
Today Estonia might as well be named Unicornia, since it seems we have found the secret to breeding unicorns. Skype, Playtech, Transferwise & Bolt – do any of those names seem familiar? Well, these are the Estonian bred unicorns, meaning startup companies valued more than 1 Billion dollars. The investments to Estonian startups are skyrocketing and the startup ecosystem is booming! Come meet Startup Estonia and our friends on June 4th! There will be some great discussions and building bridges between Finnish and Estonian founders & entrepreneurs.

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