SEO Search Engine Optimisation

9am - 12pm

First morning course in NewCo Helsinki in this year 2018!

In this practical search engine optimisation training we will go through the basics about SEO.

After the training, entrepreneurs will have a better understanding of search engine optimisation and have practical examples how to rank their website on search engines.

The training consists of:

  • The basics of search engine optimisation 

  • What business benefits can you get out of SEO

We will go through the search engine optimisation process:

  • keyword analysis

  • technical SEO

  • content optimisation

  • link building

  • how to measure the success of SEO

  • SEO tools

  • Q & A

Trainer: Riku Seppälä, Digiteam Oy

This course is held in English and there’s room for max 40.

Very valuable information but for our NewCo customers
free-of-charge! Register now!