The Ecosystem in Helsinki

The Helsinki metropolitan area is a dynamic business hub.

Thanks to its excellent transport connections, Helsinki is a superb location for business activities and investments. With its efficient infrastructure, highly educated workforce and high standard of living, the city offers a great setting for business activities and investments. Helsinki is a humane city, where you are never far from unspoiled nature and the sea.

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Great transport connections 

The Helsinki metropolitan area’s location between east and west is unique and it boasts excellent transport connections. Helsinki is a great stepping stone to EU markets or, similarly, toward Russia.

Highly educated workforce

The workforce in the metropolitan area is very highly educated. The region is repeatedly ranked high in the European top 10 in comparisons of profitability and international competitive edge.

Excellent infrastructure

The business infrastructure in Helsinki works extremely well. Effective logistics, functional networks, good product development facilities and the high quality of the services in the private and public sectors all contribute to this.

High standard of living

The Helsinki metropolitan area is full of life, but it is also a clean, stable and safe operational environment. The World Happiness Report ranks the Finnish people as the second happiest nation in the world.

The business ecosystem

The area is particularly well suited to host data-intensive business operations. The business ecosystem is extremely stable.

Starting a business in Finland

Starting a business in Finland is easy. Transparency and openness, together with a highly effective infrastructure, make it possible to start a business in no time at all. The process is simple and only takes two to three weeks to complete.