Helsinki Ecosystem


Greater Helsinki is a thriving business hub located in the heart of Baltic Sea Region, next to Russia and only 8 hour flight from Beijing and New York.

Helsinki has an extremely well-functioning business environment; it boasts one of the world’s most talented workforce and has impressive figures to show in regards to investments made in R&D. It’s also a clean, stable and secure region with a very high standard of living and welfare.

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International accessibility
Greater Helsinki is a thriving business hub between East and West, smoothing the way for people and goods transportation to and from the European Union, be it by air, sea or the railway.

Skilled workforce
Greater Helsinki boasts one of the most highly educated workforce in the world. The region ranks consistently in European Top 10 for productivity and global competitiveness.

Easy business environment
The well functioning business environment is supported by effective logistics, ubiquitous telecommunication networks, state of the art R&D&I facilities and high-quality public and private services.

Quality of life
Greater Helsinki is a clean, stable and secure region, with a very high standard of living and welfare. No wonder the World Happiness Report lists Finns as the second most happiest people in the world.

Key business ecosystems
Greater Helsinki is highly suitable for knowledge intensive businesses. The business ecosystem is varied and holds strengths especially in the areas of cleantech, ICT, life sciences, logistics, design & creativity and knowledge intensive business services.

Setting up a business
Setting up a business in Finland is simple. Transparency, effective infrastructure and straightforwardness make the process of establishing a business in Finland quick, involving very few procedures and taking only 2 to 3 weeks.