Application for Support for Catering Companies has opened on 5 June

Jun 5, 2020

The catering business was severely restricted by legislation to prevent the spread of corona virus 4.4 – 31.5.2020. The Parliament of Finland demanded restrictions when approving compensation for reasonable costs and measures to mitigate the effects.

The model consists of two complementary parts, both of which can be received. The application opened on 5.6.2020.

1 Remuneration for business restriction

  • Reasonable remuneration for costs incurred under the business restriction
  • Remuneration is granted for rents for premises, costs for plumbing and electricity and similar inflexible running expenses incurred by the entrepreneur, that is not raw material purchases or labour costs, nor investment costs.
  • Remuneration is distributed on the change caused by the company’s sales under the restriction.
  • The reimbursement amount is 15% of sales-based comparative figures up to a maximum of EUR 1 million and 5% of exceeding amounts.  The maximum amount of remuneration is EUR 500,000. 

The allowance is usually paid without an application, so-called mass payment. You can check if the company is subject to automatic mass payment or application process by means of a web request based on Business ID.

If your company is not covered by automatic payment, support is sought in an instalment and with an application. The application is open until 31.8.2020.

Read more info on the website of KEHA-keskus.

2 Support for re-employment

  • Support for preparedness and ability to employ workers at a level that corresponds to the situation before the Corona epidemic when operations start after the restriction period.
  • The support can also be directed to the payment of hired labour obtained through staffing companies or subcontractors.

The support is granted and paid on application by the company even before the company has actually paid the salary to the employee or the bill to the staffing company. The application must be submitted by 31.10.2020. 

Read more info and instructions on how to apply on the website of KEHA-keskus.

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