Business customer identification for Helsinki’s e-services changes

Jun 11, 2020

On 11 June 2020, the City of Helsinki launched the e-identification for business customers in its e-services. The change concerns all e-services on the website, where the old Katso identification is gradually replaced by the authorisation service.

The Katso identification is still available alongside the service, but it will be phased out by the end of 2020. Using the authorisation service, a company can also authorise other employees to use Helsinki’s e-services on behalf of the company.

The e-services of the City of Helsinki currently include around 60 services scattered over the various city divisions. The majority of these services concern the Social Services and Health Care Division, but the e-services also include rented housing, parking, child day care and city financial support, among others. More than 4,000 business customers and almost half a million private customers have already registered in the City of Helsinki’s e-services.

Companies may authorise several people to use the e-services

With the authorisation, the e-services can be used on behalf of other persons or companies as well. Initially, the City of Helsinki is launching the authorisation only for companies.  A so-called e-authorisation is made in the service, and this online authorisation is stored in a new secure authorisation register. The web service and authorisations are maintained by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

After strong authentication, the user can see which organisations they have been authorised to represent in the e-services, if they have been assigned a role in the Trade Register, the Business Information System or the Finnish Register of Associations that entitles them to represent the company or community. If companies want to authorise their employees to use the e-services, then the company’s authority to sign must be given individually to the persons to be authorised. Authorisation in the name of the organisation can be given by the CEO, entrepreneur or those who have the authority to sign for the organisation. By granting the mandate, the chosen person is given the right to act on behalf of the company in the e-services.

The authorisations granted in the service always have a validity period, where 25 years is the maximum. Previously granted authorisations can also be cancelled before the end of the validity period. In future, e-authorisation can be applied increasingly in services, as authorisations become more widespread. So-called carte-blanche authorisations cannot be created in the service.

This is how to give an e-authorisation for handling matters with the City of Helsinki:

  1. Sign in to the service with your online banking codes, mobile ID, or your official ID card on
  2. Choose “e-Authorization”, then “Act on behalf of another party” in the top right menu.
  3. Choose “Create new” and “Authorize”.
  4. Enter the first name, surname and personal identity code of the person you want to authorise.
  5. Choose the validity period for the authorisation.
  6. Choose the contents of the authorisation. The following authorisations are currently used in the City of Helsinki’s e-services:
    • applying for housing plots
    • applying for grants/support
    • making a request for a cable report
    • land lease
    • making a noise report
    • applying for a parking permit
    • parking ticket matters
    • making an events notification
    • booking of premises
    • environmental health care reports.
  7. Confirm the authorisation

Support and further information:

Instructional videos for the use of the Authorisation service:
Do you need help with the authorisation? The Public Service Info may be able to help:
Do you need help with using the e-services of the City of Helsinki? Call the City of Helsinki’s e-service support number. Tel. 09 310 88800.

Further information about the authorisations: What are the authorisations?
Further information about the identification: What is the identification?


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