Call for telephone counselling on Mondays without appointment

Aug 11, 2021

On Mondays at 13-15, a NewCo Helsinki’s business advisor will answer your short questions over the phone without an appointment.

Do you have a question in regards to permits or licences or VAT? Do you wish to ask about a business idea or are you concern, how to keep your business operating or do you have cash flow challenges due to the pandemic?

Call on Mondays between the hours of 13-15 at +358 9 3103 6360.

During a phone call, you may ask up to two or three clearly defined questions in regards starting a business or existing company operations, the conversation not exceeding 20 minutes. It is not possible to book an appointment to a longer business advisory session during the call.

We recommend that you have participated in the Starting a Business Info or that you are aware of its contents prior to contacting Business Advisory over the phone. If your questions relate to, how to write a business plan, please kindly attend the How to make a business plan training and read the business plan guidelines prior to phoning a business advisor.

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