Dealroom brings together Helsinki Metropolitan Area start-ups and investors

Sep 14, 2020

Helsinki has joined an international startup ecosystem service, the objective of which is to bring together, in a novel way, startups, investors, business incubators and accelerators, polytechnics and universities, as well as investment rounds in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The service is produced by Dutch startup advisors in cooperation with NewCo Helsinki.

Dealroom’s continuously updated database provides an extensive view of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area startup ecosystem. At present, Dealroom lists over 2,000 startup businesses and other actors. The most recent financing rounds included have been had by, among others, Solar Foods, Choicely, Supermetrics, Quuppa, Varjo, HMD Global, Swappie and Wolt.

Data has power, and visibility on Dealroom may help, in many ways, startup businesses and other actors create potential for growth. Businesses whose data have not yet been on Dealroom may, if they like, join the service themselves. It is free and at everybody’s disposal.

Tommo Koivusalo, Head of Unit at NewCo Helsinki, is happy to say the service was launched in summer 2020 to be developed alongside the startup ecosystem. He adds that open, updated and extensive-enough data on a dynamic startup ecosystem help both local and international actors find business opportunities in the Helsinki Region.

Helsinki’s Dealroom service brings together the data of almost 20 startup ecosystems from different parts of Europe. In future, this will facilitate collaboration and comparisons between ecosystems. Furthermore, the service also collects news from the European startup field.

The City of Helsinki wants to soften, in every way, the impact of the corona pandemic on the startup ecosystem

The startup ecosystem is of great importance to Helsinki, and particularly after the economic losses due to the corona pandemic, it is important that the city does everything in its power to support startup businesses. Joining the Dealroom network is part of the City’s and NewCo Helsinki’s work to get the Helsinki Metropolitan Area startup ecosystem going again. Another important element is the City’s initiative to establish the NewCo Accelerator business incubator and accelerator service for startups.

The main target group of the NewCo Accelerator are those startups looking for funding but not finding anything suitable due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. Through the programme, it will be possible to offer, for example, counselling for a notable group of budding startups, which are still lacking the readiness for growth. The service works to support Helsinki-based teams and to help foreign teams settle in Helsinki. Read more of the issue here.

Get acquainted with the Dealroom database here.

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