HEI Network: 9th Business Date Article


HEI Network: 9th Business Date gathered 85 participants in the NewCo Helsinki Hall on 6 September 2018. It was organized by HEI – Helsinki Entrepreneurs International and NewCo Helsinki. Brella networking tool was used in the event, which enables participants to agree on one-on-one meetings even before the event. Overall, there were 97 Brella meetings. The program also included two major keynote speeches; Wei Lun (Business Opportunities in China in a Protectionism era) and Salla Hännisen (Selling Your Products in an Foreign Market – Why is it hard and does it need to be?).

We conducted a small-scale interview where we interviewed the interviewees about the success and arrangements of the event.

Interviewees, companies and industries

Reza Sadeghi, Nordic Travel Experience NTE Finland Ltd, education and tourism
Veikko Kaurila, Veigo, manufacturing of wrist watches
Anastasiia Sokolova, Cressey, investment area
Maria Kääriäinen, fashion design
Minh Trinh, livestreaming and organizing events, job seeking

A positive overview of the event

Everyone came to look for partners in the event, some also sought customers and investors. Many people found partners who they are connected with after the event. Many also thought there was adequate amount of time to network. Four out of five interviewees thought that 15 minutes was an appropriate time for meetings and one interviewee thought 10 minutes would be enough per meeting.

There were more potential partners and they were easier to approach than in other NewCo Helsinki events. The Brella networking tool was also praised; the user was able to select the potential and  the most interesting chat partners with the application in advance. It was also convenient to be able to contact the people in Brella after the event.

The interviewees felt it was positive to meet new people and get new partners that were easy to approach. Keynote speakers were considered impressive, the event premises were complimented and the serving was considered tasty. The event was also seen as a better and more effective than some other similiar events in terms of job seeking and networking.