Helsinki Startup Day Conquered the City Hall


The second ever Helsinki Startup Day organized by NewCo Helsinki was held on 4th of June at the Helsinki City Hall.

Helsinki Startup Day consisted of keynotes, workshops, coordinated networking by Brella-app and ecosystem introductions. Especially Brella-networking was highly popular, as almost 700 meetings of 15 minutes were booked. In total almost 1000 persons visited Helsinki Startup Day.

The focus for this year was the gaming field and health, wellness & functional food sector, introducing the selected innovative and robust operators from the New Nordics and sharing contemporary findings from latest researches of startups and scaleups. This year’s Startup Ecosystem Hero was Koopee Hiltunen from Neogames.

In partnership with: A Grid HealthHealth Capital HelsinkiIGDA FinlandNeogamesTerkko Health Hub and Upgraded.