Restaurant applications for the Kasarmitori Square summer season are open

Apr 7, 2021

Restaurant applications for the Kasarmitori Square summer season are now open. If your company would like to be part of the Kasarmitori Square summer terrace, please act quickly – the application period will end on Tuesday 20 April.

Last summer’s wildly popular Senate Square terrace trial will be continued in the coming summer but in a new location: A terrace area is now being planned for Kasarmitori Square. Coronavirus permitting, the summer season of Kasarmitori Square will feature Helsinki’s most exciting culinary trends with a dash of arts and maritime atmosphere for added spice.

The aim is to open the terrace to the public on 12 June and keep it open every day until 15 August. The terrace area’s preliminary opening hours are 9:00–23:00 (to be specified later). Every restaurateur can decide on the opening hours based on their own concept. We are looking for restaurants and cafés, but we require each of them to sell both food and drink.

There will be approximately 560 seats in the area. The area will be an extension of the city centre terraces, so we will be selecting 12 restaurant operators (fixed establishments) from the Helsinki city centre area. There will also be a few pop-up spots (own mobile stand or cart is required), so ask about them if you are interested.

The applications are open 6–20 April 2021. We will notify all applicants of the final selections by the end of April.


Sales point (12 pcs): width approx. 5.0 m, depth approx. 2.0 m. Two sales counters.
Sales point rent: €2,500/month (VAT 0%) + 12% of turnover.

The rent for the lockable sales point includes electricity, sales point illumination, access to a water outlet, waste management, terrace area staff (blocking, table cleaning, washing up of glasses), security guards, marketing and communications as part of the overall arrangement, social spaces, cash register system.

Every operator will decorate and furnish the interior of the sales point according to their own wishes. The outdoor fixtures of the sales point and any related restrictions will be determined upon making the contract.

As regards glasses, the restaurants must use the shared tableware leasing service of the terrace area. Other tableware must be biodegradable.


We strictly adhere to the Finnish Government’s coronavirus policies, which have served as the basis for the planning of the entire project. As such, decisions made by various permit authorities and changes in the coronavirus situation may impact the realisation of the project. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes to the project’s implementation and schedules. If the situation changes, we will reimburse rent for any unused time.

Selection criteria

In selecting restaurants for the terrace, we will focus on the diversity of the overall package, interesting concepts and quality. It is our hope that the area will offer everything from breakfast to lunch and after work treats to evening snacks. We want to provide visitors with a high-quality cross-section of the best culinary experiences that Helsinki-based restaurants can offer. We will be selecting restauranteurs from the Helsinki city centre area for the terrace.

For the sake of fairness, restaurants or cafés that were selected for last summer’s terrace on Senate Square will not be selected for the Kasarmitori Square summer terrace.

Application instructions

Please respond to all questions listed below and e-mail the responses by 20 April to with the subject line “Kasarmitori Square summer restaurant application”.

  • Name of the restaurant/company
  • Business ID
  • Contact person
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Website, Facebook or Instagram page
  • A short description of the concept
  • Example of menu to be offered at the terrace
  • Are you applying for a licence to serve alcohol
  • Our restaurant would primarily be open (times of day)

More information:

Eija Malin, eija.malin @, tel. 044 200 96 16
Sari Kinnunen, sarita.kinnunen @, tel. 046 922 2244

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