Beijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018


Helsinki has been celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year for over a decade. In the spirit of the two cities’ action plan and inspired by the new year celebration, Beijing Municipality and the City of Helsinki are organizing the Science & Technology Startup Forum. This forum consists of keynote speeches, pitching competitions, matchmaking, and site visits; covers three tracks: 1) Artificial Intelligence; 2) Smart & Clean; 3) Healthcare & Wellness. This forum is produced by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, COMB+ and NewCo Helsinki, supported by Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Finland.

Startups: Got a killer product that you would like to bring to the Chinese market? Come and present your products, pitch to your potential investors, find your business partners, win the prize and kick off your business to the world! What’s more? The City of Helsinki is supporting the international startup scene with the Startup Exchange Program available for both Beijing and Helsinki startups, travel grants for Helsinki based startups traveling to Beijing and soft-landing package for Chinese startups landing in Helsinki. Part of the Science & Technology Startup Forum’s Pitch Beijing & Helsinki event is a pitching competition for Finnish and Chinese startups. Please apply via the registration form below by January 23, 2018. The prizes awarded to the three winners are:

  • RMB 20,000 (approx. 2500 €) cash prize from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology
  • Free participation in Sino Track accelerator Spring 2018 Batch, including Sino Track Camp in Beijing (March 19-23, 2018)
  • NewCo Helsinki travel grants for Helsinki-based startups traveling to Beijing


Investors: Are you looking for the best innovations from Beijing or Helsinki in the area of AI, Smart & Clean or Healthcare & Wellness? Would you like to meet investors from China? We will invite the relevant companies and organizations based on your interests. Sounds good? Get an Investor ticket!

Executives: Are you interested in the cutting-edge technology startups from your field? Are you interested in collaboration with big corporations from China? If yes then this is the event for you.

Register to the Science & Technology Startup Forum here:

Here’s the schedule for the event:

Beijing Week in Helsinki 2018 2018赫尔辛基北京周 Beijing-Helsinki Science and Technology Startup Forum 2018 北京-赫尔辛基科技创新创业论坛2018 Agenda 日程安排
Day One: 7th Feb.2018 第一天:2018年2月7日,星期三
Opening Ceremony 开幕式  Location: Helsinki City Hall (Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, Helsinki) 赫尔辛基市政厅
08:30-09:00 Pick up name badge and check in at Helsinki City Hall 取签名牌入场
9:00 Opening performance  开场表演
  Welcoming words, Mr. Sami Sarvilinna, City Manager, City of Helsinki 欢迎致词,赫尔辛基市政府最高行政长官 萨米.萨沃林纳 先生
  Welcoming words, Mr. Xiangyang Lin, Deputy Secretary- General of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality 欢迎致词,北京市人民政府副秘书长 林向阳先生
  Welcoming words, His Excellency Mr. Chen Li, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Finland  欢迎致词,中国驻芬兰大使 陈立先生
  Speech: Ms. Dongling Zhang, PhD, Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology 演讲,北京市科学技术委员会代表 张东玲博士
  Signing Ceremony 签约仪式
  Winter Sport participants move to Empire Hall (inside Helsinki City Hall) to attend 
Beijing-Helsinki Winter Sport Seminar 北京-赫尔辛基冬季运动研讨会参与者移步至Empire厅(位于市政厅里)
  “Beijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018” kick off 北京-赫尔辛基科技创新创业2018年论坛启动
10:10  China-Finland Science& Technology Collaboration, Mr. Arto Mustikkaniemi, Counselor of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) at Business Finland, Beijing 演讲: 中芬科技合作,芬兰国家技术创新局(北京)科技创新顾问Arto Mustikkaniemi先生
   Speech: Ms. Zhuping Wang, Vice President, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited 演讲:北控水务集团有限公司副总裁 王助贫女士
   Speech: Ms. Blair Zhang, Global Partnership Director, COMB+ & Executive Chairwoman, Compass Innovation Alliance 演讲:超级蜂巢全球合作伙伴总监,指南针创新联盟董事长 Blair Zhang女士
   Closing words by Mr. Tommo Koivusalo, Head of Unit, NewCo Helsinki, City of Helsinki 结束语,赫尔辛基市政府经济发展局企业服务部NewCo Helsinki主任 Tommo Koivusalo先生
   Group photos in front of Photo Wall 嘉宾合照
 11:30-13:00  Lunch at Helsinki City Hall, complementary lunch by City of Helsinki 享用市政厅自助午餐
 Pitch Beijing & Helsinki 北京-赫尔辛基科技创新创业路演竞赛   Location: Helsinki City Hall (Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, Helsinki) 赫尔辛基市政厅
 12:30-13:00  Check in with your name badge, coffee and tea 持签名牌入场
 13:00  Kick-off performance 表演
   Keynote Speaker: Mr. Torsti Tenhunen, FiBAN, Spinnaker Ventures, Pivot5 – Trends and Opportunities in China 主旨演讲: 中国的发展趋势和机遇. 主讲人: 著名投资人Torsti Tenhunen先生
   Keynote Speaker: Mr Pekka Sivonen, Director of Digitalization at Business Finland – Finland and AI in the Era of Platform Economy. 主旨演讲:在平台经济时代的芬兰和人工智能. 主讲人:芬兰国家技术创新局数字化部门主任Pekka Sivonen先生
   AI track pitching 人工智能路演竞赛 
   Keynote Speaker: Ms. Weili Liu, Director of Incubation Investment Center, Tsinghua Solar Institute- Current Situation and Development Trend of New Energy  主旨演讲: 新能源现状和发展趋势,  主讲人: 清华启迪清洁能源投资中心主任 刘伟莉女士
  Smart&Clean track pitching 智能和清洁路演竞赛
   Keynote Speaker: Ms. Saara Hassinen, ‎CEO of Healthtech Finland – Innovation in the Finnish Health Sector  主旨演讲:芬兰生命科学医疗保健的创新创意. 主讲人: Healthtech 芬兰 首席执行官Saara Hassinen女士
   Healthcare & Wellness track pitching 医疗和健康路演竞赛 
   Closing words and introduction to matchmaking 结束语,对接环节介绍
 16:00-19:00  Matchmaking 企业对接
 Day Two: 8th Feb 2018  第二天:2018年2月8日,星期四
 Business Services in Helsinki Seminar 赫尔辛基市商务服务研讨会  Location: NewCo Helsinki, Juhlasali Hall (Ensi Linja 1, Helsinki) 赫尔辛基市政府经济发展局企业发展部 NewCoHelsinki 大礼堂,地址 Ensi Linja 1
 08:30-09:00  Check in with your name badge 持签名牌入场
 9:00  Welcoming words, Mr. Tommo Koivusalo, Head of Unit, NewCo Helsinki 欢迎致辞,赫尔辛基市政府经济发展局企业服务部NewCo Helsinki主任 Tommo Koivusalo先生
   Helsinki Business Environment and Startup Ecosystem, Mr. Henrik Keinonen, Partnerships, NewCo Helsinki 赫尔辛基商业环境和初创企业生态系统,企业服务部合作负责人Henrik Keinonen先生
   How the City of Helsinki serves entrepreneurs? Mr. Valentin Babitzin, Business Adviser, NewCo Helsinki 赫尔辛基市是如何为企业家服务的?企业服务部商务顾问Valentin Babitzin先生 
   Softlanding and Startup Exchange Program, Mr. Lauri Määttänen, NewCo Helsinki 企业落地服务和初创企业交换项目,企业服务部项目负责人Lauri Määttänen先生 
   Guest speaker: TechCode, xEdu, 赫尔辛基的加速器和孵化器特邀代表: 太库,xEdu
 11:00  End of session


  • On 5th April 2017, President Xi Jinping and President Sauli Niinistö signed a Joint Declaration between the Republic of Finland and the People’s Republic of China on Establishing and Promoting the future-oriented new-type cooperative partnership.
  • On 29th August 2017, in order to put the Joint Declaration into practice at the local government level, Beijing Municipality and City of Helsinki signed a three-year action plan with five priority areas of cooperation.
  • On 10th October 2017, to seek new areas of partnership in the spirit of the Action Plan and inspired by the “Moi Helsinki” event in Beijing in May 2016, the Beijing Bureau of Culture sent the City of Helsinki a draft program for 2018 Finnish “Happy Chinese New Year in Helsinki– Beijing Week” series activity.
  • The program highlighted four events in addition to the main cultural event. The four events related to (i) Science and Technology Exposition, (ii) Economic and Trade Consultation, (iii) Sports Exchange Activities and (iv) Beijing Tourism Picture Exposition.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing and most promising technological industries with billions of euros currently being invested into AI technologies. Finland has both the potential and the strategic intent to become the world leader in artificial intelligence. Finland already boasts a disproportionate number and quality of AI companies relative to its size, fully equipped with top technology as well as reasonable valuation. Finland’s developed innovation ecosystem and world-leading education system make an ideal platform to spring out artificial intelligence success stories. In recent years, China has placed a strong strategic focus on AI. The State Council of China has issued a guideline on developing artificial intelligence, setting a goal of becoming a global innovation center in AI by 2030 with the total output value of artificial intelligence industries exceeding RMB 1 trillion. Renowned examples of Chinese AI prowess include the ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing, as well as the “BAT” tech giants of China, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, all of which are investing heavily into AI R&D. China is a world-leader in fields such as speech and visual recognition technology, and has the ability to leapfrog in several other areas of AI, such as machine learning and robotics. In the AI track of the program, we want to boost the exchanges between Chinese and Finnish players in the field of AI by connecting valuable AI technologies with smart money and industrial partners and helping Finnish AI projects expand to the Chinese market and vice versa. We also want to generate discussion about fascinating topics closely related to AI, such as the relationship between humans and technologies, AI’s impact on societal change, and ethical aspects of AI.

Smart & Clean. After 20 years of development, Finland’s energy-saving and environmental protection industry has boasted the world’s leading technology in terms of energy efficiency, clean technology, water resources protection, waste management and environmental monitoring. A number of globally competitive and innovative energy saving and environmental protection enterprises begin to stand out; Finland has repeatedly ranked high on world-class innovation. As China’s science and technology innovation center, Beijing has a strong cooperation demand with overseas enterprises on project, talent, capital and technology in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. The purpose of this track is to further strengthen the cooperation between Beijing and Helsinki in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, enhance the understanding of both enterprises and build a communication platform. In the event, you will have the opportunity to hear successful Finnish scientists and entrepreneurs share their experience in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. You will also have the chance to learn about Beijing’s leading investors’ investment philosophy and Beijing enterprises’ cooperation demands in the field of energy saving.

Healthcare & Wellness. Finland is well-known for innovation and good healthcare. Finland ranks among the three strongest health tech economies in the world and has for decades been one of the few countries that export significantly more health technology than they import. Helsinki has the goal to be the number 1 region in the Nordics for research, innovation and the development of companies in the field of life science and health tech and is home to many excellent health and wellness companies. China with population of more than 1,3 billion people and incredibly rapid development has great demand for new solutions and technologies to solve challenges in healthcare and to increase quality of life of its citizens. Health and Wellness track presents and highlights technologies that increase and maintain good health and wellbeing of people. This event is an excellent opportunity for growth companies, investors, corporations, city officials and others interested in the topic, and Finland-China collaboration to meet potential business partners and increase their understanding about business and collaboration opportunities between Finland and China. The event aims also to promote Finland and Helsinki as an innovative, attractive location to do business with, or to invest in, as one of the Health innovation hubs in Europe. The City of Helsinki natures the Startup scene actively. The City recently opened Maria 0-1, the largest startup hub building in Scandinavia, built in a former hospital. A new co-creation space has also been opened at the University of Helsinki Medical campus area with the objective to serve researchers, Start-ups and other players in the Life Science, Health and Wellbeing ecosystem.