Starting a Company Info Event

Starting a Business info event is the gateway to our services

If you are thinking about starting a business, you should always start by coming to one of our Starting a Business info events. The events are held in Finnish, English, Russian, Estonian and Arabic.

Personal business advisory services are most successful when you have first participated in the starting a company event.

The information event will offer you an introduction to what it is like to be an entrepreneur, including useful information for everyone who is considering starting their own business.

Do you already know what type of business you want to set up? What’s the difference between light entrepreneurship and proprietorship or establishing a limited company? What changes when you become a business owner? Which permits and insurance policies will you need?

Where should you begin when you want to start a business and what are the things that you should take into consideration?

In the information event you will learn why is it important to draft a business plan and what should it contain. A TE Office expert will also be present at the event to talk specifics about the startup grant and applying for it.

You can find the dates and times and sign up here.

Oppaat ja aineistot

Olemme tuottaneet sinulle monipuolista tietoa yrittäjyydestä, joten voit itsenäisesti aloittaa tutustumisen aiheeseen ja palata myös uudestaan sen pariin. Lisäksi olemme keränneet tapahtumissamme esiintyneiltä asiantuntijoilta aineistoa, jotka voisivat mahdollisesti auttaa juuri sinut eteenpäin yrittäjyydessä.