Training courses and events


We organize tailored, free-of-charge training courses for new and active entrepreneurs for addressing business economics, sales, marketing and SME legal issues. Furthermore, we offer a number of networking events, including the Entrepreneur Network (Yrittäjäverkko).


You will find an introduction of the regularly offered training courses and events here.
Check our Events Calendar for the times and more details on single training events.


Entrepreneur Network (Yrittäjäverkko)

The Entrepreneur Network is a meeting place for all active and starting entrepreneurs, as well as a place of networking, which is extremely important for entrepreneurs. The themes change and top speakers will perform. The event is concluded with structured networking and free mingling – take your business cards with you! The event is organized in cooperation with the TE Services of Uusimaa region and the Helsinki chapter of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises.

“A very successful event! Strongly recommended:)”
“It was great to meet and network with other entrepreneurs!”



Come and work on your sales pitch at the SalesMill! How are your sales going? Are you achieving your sales goals? The SalesMill is a training arena for sales pitches for active and new entrepreneurs.

“It is important to get feedback on your sales pitch.”
“You cannot improve your sales pitch without an opportunity like this.”


How to make a business plan workshop

Join us at the workshop to hear what a good business plan contains. At the end of the event, there is time for making your own business plan with the help of a business advisor. Bring your own laptop computer. This workshop is in English!

“I think the topic was good and the presentations too.”
“Good job – thanks for the help :)”