Travel grant for Helsinki based startups

Are you looking to expand to new international markets?

Helsinki based startups can apply for a travel grant from the City of Helsinki to support their international expansion. The travel grant covers 70% annual travel costs up to 4 000€.

The Travel grant is available for growth companies that have a plan and means to grow to international markets.

Is your company eligible for the travel grant?

For a successful application your company needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  • The company’s legal domicile or post is in Helsinki.
  • The company is founded in 2013 or later.
  • The company’s shareholder agreement includes at least two natural persons.
  • The company’s turnover in 2018 does not exceed 200 000€.
  • The company has a plan for significant international growth.
  • The company employs under 10 people.
  • The company is not listed in the stock exchange.
  • De minimis funding granted for the company does not exceed 200 000€ (cash grant equivalent) over a 3 year fiscal period.

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the travel grant application form and send it to
  2. NewCo reviews your application. If you application is approved you have a maximum of 4000€ limit in use during 2019.
  3. Before an upcoming trip, send the cost overview and travel plan to latest one week and earliest two months before the trip. NewCo Helsinki reserves this amount for your company.
  4. After returning from the trip submit the report and receipts within one month. Once reviewed, you will receive the 70% grant of the approvable travel expenses.
  5. Send the next travel plan when applicable.

What costs does the travel grant cover?

Travel grant is applicable for the actual travel expenses between the destination and the departure city detailed in the travel plan. The trip must support company’s internationalization plan and needs to be abroad.  A trip must either start or end in Helsinki.  The grant reimburses accommodation costs for applicable business and travel days.  Event entry tickets outlined in the travel plan are included in the grant.

Maximum compensation:

Annual maximum compensation is 4 000€. The travel grant covers 70% of the actual approvable travel expenses with the following reimbursement limits.

  • Intercontinental flights 600€ / per person / per one way trip
  • Continental flights 300€ / per person / per one way trip
  • Accommodation 150€ / per room / per night

In addition, it is required that the travelling method, duration, and route are purposefully selected.

Travel grant does not cover:

The grant does not cover any other travel expenses, including, but not limited to:

  • Taxi or public transport costs
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa expenses
  • Costs from cancelled trips
  • Costs that occur due missing a flight or connection
  • Costs from exhibiting at events

The following travel grant information will be public: the company’s name, business ID, sector, home municipality and the amount of funding granted and the amount paid. This information is also public regarding declined applications.

The right to the grant or a part of it will lapse if the company receiving the grant does not provide the reports and receipts as outlined in the criteria and conditions, or the required additional information by specifically designated date.

The funding granted for those engaging in business activities is de minimis funding, as defined in degree 1407/2013 by the European Commission. For more information on de minimis –funding please refer to the guide published by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (in Finnish).

The travel grant conditions and criteria in more detail is available from the city decision and its appendix.

City Decision

Criteria and conditions

For more information, contact


I was eligible for the grant last year; do I need to apply again?

  • Yes, the criteria and the process have changed, so you need to submit a new application for this year.

How long does the application take to be processed?

  • It should take between 1 and 2 weeks.

What is the number of personnel?

  • The number of personnel is the amount of full-time employees in the company during one calendar month. For.ex. two half-time employees equal one full-time employee.

My grant application and travel plans were accepted, but I could not make the travel (for.ex due to illness). What do I need to do?

  • You should send to ( that you didn’t use the applied grant, otherwise no further action is required. The grant cannot be paid when the trip has not been taken.

When will I receive the grant on my account?

  • The grant will be paid on the account you have stated in your application when the travel report and the receipts have been processed and accepted.

What is meant by that the travelling method etc. should be purposefully selected?

  • The costs, travel method, and the route should be chosen reasonably. For example travelling in First class or adding unnecessary stop-overs is not considered purposeful. In case of doubt, please contact .