Useful links for setting up a business


The Business Information System (YTJ)

Company’s establishment notice is registered to the Business Information System (YTJ). The company receives a unique business identity code (Y-tunnus). Entrepreneurs and companies that sell products, services or their own work must also register in the prepayment register and in the register of value added taxpayers.

Official notifications

The establishment of the company or the entity, as well as any changes or cessation of operations, must be reported to the Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus and the Tax Administration. You can make some of the company and community related announcements electronically. So far, some of the notifications must be made on paper form.

Finnish Patent and Registration Office

You can apply for a loan from banks and state-owned Finnvera. Finnvera also grants loan guarantees and export guarantees.


Our business advisors will guide you on tax matters. Check out the tax office guidelines for new entrepreneurs here.


According to the Accounting Act, all companies are subject to accounting. It is generally advisable to outsource accounting to account firms. Accounting firms are experts in statutory accounting, value added tax and corporate taxation. You can also get help in payroll and payroll management as well as cash flow planning. Read more here.

Getting a domain

You can register your domain with your business via the link above. The domain name doesn’t have to be the same as the name of the company, but it can be a part or an abbreviation of a name – preferably short and easy to remember.

Recruitment issues

Helsinki benefit – an opportunity to support your recruiting.

The City of Helsinki encourages people in Helsinki or employers who work in Helsinki area financially to offer work for unemployed people of Helsinki. Companies can apply for Helsinki benefit granted by the City of Helsinki Economic Development. The grant is always discretionary. Helsinki benefit consists of two grants, recruitment grant and employment grant. In addition, a separate recruitment fee can be applied after the Helsinki supplementary period.

Here are a few options to support your recruiting:
Helsinki benefit
Work try-out
Pay subsidy
Apprenticeship training