NewCo Helsinki with Ultrahack brings international startups to Arctic15


Piloting our Startup Exchange Program, with a mission of providing Helsinki’s local market expertize and insights to startups aiming for growth outside their domestic market. We aim to increase awareness and emphasize the value of Helsinki’s startup ecosystem as a gate market for Nordic, Baltic, and Europe markets.

After the 10 days program the startups will gain knowledge of

  • What it is like being a startup in Finland – through startup stories from local startups
  • Transformation of digital health – through Upgraded Life Festival 2017
  • What it takes to get funded through – with SeedForum, TEKES, and FiBAN
  • Lean methodology and business model canvas – with Nestholma
  • How to fall in love with Finland – through culture wrap up and Vappu celebrations



  1. HOOFARS, India
    “The First Professional Network Dedicated Exclusively Towards Artists.
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    “We rethink how business interact with their customers.”
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  3. GISDEV.IO, Italy
    GISdevio delivers geospatial solutions covering the needs of different customers, from single citizens to big municipalities and third parties.
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  4. TOYMAKR., India
    “Re-inventing fun”
    We are a robotics based company which concentrates on personnel assistant bots and devices that makes people’s life easier as well add some fun into it.
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  5. LETZ, Macedonia
    “Strives to help people with their lack of productivity and created a productivity app called Letz.”
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    ”Our aim is to put forest title deeds into the Blockchain network. In the public note of the forest company (or government land department) title registries are stored in the Blockchain.”
  7. SPEEDHIRE, Uzbekistan
    “We bridge the gap between recruiters and matching candidates by automation of the recruiter’s routine processes, providing the set of tools for online interviews, scheduling and assessments and by simplifying the job application workflow for candidates.”
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  8. MOCKIT, Italy
    “Mockit is a platform where jobseekers can book mock interviews with real recruiters.”
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About Ultrahack
We believe hackers have the power to change the world – and find solutions to the biggest challenges in our time. But to make this happen, we need to stand together. Our mission is to build a community where the best talent and leading industry partners could meet and collaborate towards future innovations.