Slush 100 Contest


Helsinki and Slush organized together Slush 100 Startups at the City Hall on 29.11.2017. As part of this, we asked participants to guess how many candies there were in a jar. The contest attracted over a 100 guesses ranging from less than a hundred to several thousands.

The final count is now done! The exact amount of candies was 427. The person whose guess was closest to the right answer is Janis Linde from HackMotion with the answer of 433. Congratulations, Janis!

The prize of the contest is three months of free co-working space and mentoring at NewCo Helsinki and a 1000€ gift card to law firm Asianajotoimisto Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co.
Stay tuned for new contests from NewCo Helsinki!